Saturday, September 20, 2008

This little villain didn't last that long. . .

Great submissions you guys!

Although I agree that by today's standards of realism, McFarlane's characters do feel a little inflated, but still are strong enough to make you believe in them. The McFarlane Spidey will always hold a place in my heart because it was the first time I realized you don't have to draw everything the same way it's always been drawn. You can draw it your own way. Todd taught me that lesson with my first McFarlane Spidey in Amazing Spider-Man 318 vs. the Scorpion. The flight to Mexico was never shorter!

Great Skrull cover too Mr. Dirt. I need to get caught up on my comic current events sooner than later, but in the history of Skrull covers, from Kirby to Keown, they always seem to get the upper hand when on a cover.

My submission is a little less contemporary. I dug into the memory banks for this one because there was a villain that never went anywhere, but most creative artists have contemplated the possibilities. It wasn't until issue 49 they tried it out and history has spoken for itself. Also being the first appearance of Giant Man adds a little weight to this story.

Remember "Dimension Z"? Remember how the were referred to as "pixies"?
Yeah, neither do most comic readers. . . for a reason too. However, this cover, by its own merit gets my vote for a great rendering of the villain getting the upper hand.
I bring you "The Eraser"! Yeah, we all thought of it, but Looney Tunes made it plausible.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm going to have to go pretty recent on this one. Recreating the cover for Avengers: The Initiative #1, issue #15 (in the thick of the Secret Invasion) now has all the heroes as skrulls. The villains haven't just won, they've completely taken over. Sweet mama's sassafrass!