Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is Halloween

Hello all,

Happy Halloween to you and yours. If those crazy Irish hadn't brought all their crazy practices over who knows what we would be doing on Halloween these days. Probably still burning people like Joan of Arc at the stake because someone heard someone say that she possibly might be a witch.

Yeah. It's really about tangents.

So here's my cover pic for this Halloween post.

Batman 455. Cover art by Norm Breyfogle.

Norm is one of those artists that stood out to me because as everyone around him was trying to add sinew, and a perfect musculature to Batman making him virtually the Vetruvian Man, Norm went with motion. His comics flow with directional lines and anatomy plays a close second to where he wants your eye to go.

This cover has always struck me, pun intended, because of the sharp contrast of the death bride waging her war after being possessed by the book's villain. Batman's cape acting out of reality frames the action wonderfully while also creating a dark background for the book's title. A strong layout, easy legibility and BAM! another great cover.

If you're not familiar with Breyfogle, I suggest taking a book or two of his in. He plays with the shapes so much you can't help feeling motion in every panel he's plotted. Since he's been working professionally since he was 16, he's learned a few traits.

This is my Halloween submission and I wish you all a Happy All Hallow's Eve!