Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Escapism is cure for common Economy

I'm getting tired of hearing how bad the economy is getting while also being made feel powerless over the fact. In reality, there is some level of control that exists, and that I do have choices to make. Sometimes those choices can be anticipated, or planned for, but when you have to make the difficult choices, there rarely is any given time.

What it comes down to is priorities. What do you value most? Stability? Insurance? Family? Self-sufficiency? Respect? or maybe just a non-questionable future, of limitless work, in a dream job you can master.

Me too.

So we need to break down how to get there. Whether we do it one day at a time in a spreadsheet, or set distant goals that seem like months away, there will be more opportunities to set these well laid out plans in motion for the rest of your life. I like living for the dream, but my big question is how can I afford to fund for that life style until it comes true?

Segue: This ties into this week's comic cover challenge. Find a cover that is based on hope. No frills or odd gimmicks. Just a straight up depiction of "hope".

Tough concept, but while looking, you may find some yourself.