Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Machina ex Deus?

A deus ex machina (lat. IPA: [ˈdeːus eks ˈmaːkʰina], literally "god from a/the machine") is an improbable contrivance in a story characterized by a sudden unexpected solution to a seemingly intractable problem.

Considering that 95% of Comic books are primary examples of the "deus ex machina" principle. I have chosen to narrow my field down considerably by taking a more literal translation... "from the god, the machine". With that in mind I submit a excellent example of classic Barry Windsor Smith with the Marvel Limited Series- Machine Man, issue 2. As soon as Ian mentioned this weeks submission this series immediately sprung to mind. I have always enjoyed this series, with it's many plot contrivances, and classic Windsor Smith artwork. I think it illustrates the point beautifully.