Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Drawings From Here and There

Hello all!

One day before the due date for this week's challenge and here are some more images to stare at. I began sessions of figure drawings at 8fish this week and so every Wednesday I'll have more nudes to post.

In the meantime, while at the airport in Oakland I got this look from a guy passing by in the terminal. Playing with the dodge and burn tools, this was the result of this side ways glance.

Here's another sketch I'll call "Southwest Accommodations" because a 2-inch recline in an airplane seat is not considered "laying back" no matter how messed up your spine. Why is this recline so important to landing the plane I'll never know. The drag coefficient? The weight distribution? Just an illusion that you're allowed some comfort?

The last sketch I'll post is a character I did of some college student guy at the local Hoppers® restaurant. He was chillin' and I liked his yamaka pooft hair do.

If you would like to post for this week's comic challenge, please send your submission to me here with a description of why your cover fills the criteria.

Until tomorrow's "Moving forward" post. . .