Friday, April 10, 2009

You can be sure there will be a brighter tomorrow - Shaggy

Hello fellows,

This week's comic theme / challenge focuses on moving.

Forward to be precise.

There are a ton of Flash comics out there that may depict a perfect cover for this challenge, but among the myriad of comics, I challenge you to find others that capture this week's theme just as easily.
I hope you've all been able to hang in there and because people have made the request I'll be posting images from projects and my drawings here between comic challenges for eye candy.

This week I'm posting some cowboy sketch I did and a page from my upcoming book Clipstick.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hope In a Nutshell

Here's my comic for depicting this week's challenge for "Hope".
Wiki ref

After Superman leaves due to humanity's inability to enact justice on Magog, (who becomes acquitted for his murder), this story teeters on the reliance of old friends to coerce Superman to shed his solitude and return to establish peace to chaos. Having been cited as the DC version of the Apocalypse, hope is the perfect voice for these character's needs to realign their ethical boundaries despite a world having two major factions warring with each other.

This is a fairly quick read and should belong on the wall for Alex Ross's gouache technique that is a "Marvel" to behold.