Monday, March 2, 2009

Thanksgiving to now?!?

Hey all,

I realize it's been a while since I've written but I have a good excuse. Well, none that really encompasses 4 months worth of a delay, but with the economic crunch and times being tight you gotta be light on your feet and move when you feel the earth shift.

Since the last post I've left a job of two years to another job that will keep me employed for longer than that. My own business. Obama became president, the stock market proved to people it wasn't an international piggy bank, and kidney stones STILL leave a mark. (Some should leave stretch marks at least as war wounds.) All in all, life is on the up and up.

The weather is heating up. . . (You can wear shorts again. Trust me I've tried and succeeded), and there is a silver lining to today's grim terrace. This brings me to my next point. Comic cover is back on and is about to post it's first actual link to a site with pazzaz! This and a few other features in a list of things to come. So in the meantime, sit back and enjoy this great cover which is featured in a motion picture to be released this Friday. My week's pic is this great cover by Dave Gibbons.

This issue is pretty dark considering the subject matter as a whole. This issue is the revealing backstory of the comedian's rape story and the breakdown of Laurie's mother with his antics. From attending Blake's funeral and the oppositional forces that drove the team to it's knees, I felt the cemetary cover where Blake is laid to rest carried a tremendous impact for it's metaphorical illustration.

Here's the cover to Watchmen: 2 of 12