Friday, June 20, 2008

Spidey Cover of the Week

Here's my favorite Spidey cover of all time. This book nailed my eyes open the day I saw it and I absolutely had to own it and the subsequent comics that finished this great chapter in Kraven's life.

With this cover you get suspense, mystery, tension, and the black costume all wrapped up in a dubious setting that is unconventional for Spidey. It's also darker than your typical Spidey book, but for the time, it was a refreshing perspective.

I had a hard time picking from a few McFarlane covers to some classics, but all in all, Zeck has achieved something more so early on in the series.
If you haven't ever read this story about Kraven, this story will blow your mind. (Pun intended.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clipstick issue 1

Hello all! I just wanted to upload the latest rendition of Clipstick #1 with a mock UPC and the official Ape Logo! This cover features Janet of the bunch in a bit of peril and ties directly with the story.
How do I know?!
Pick up the book and you'll see for yourself!


Cover for Week of June 16 - 20

Welcome back!

Well, here we go with a new weeks comic submissions! Since we missed out the first time he came around and hit the silver screen, this week's cover is going to feature everyone's favorite web head.

No, not Spider-Ham!

Spidey himself!

Please keep in mind the cover guidelines and I'll post everyone's entries by Thursday with their comments!