Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Clipstick Book 3 is on it's way!

If it's one thing that can feel the closest thing to achievement, it's finalizing a piece of artwork. I have yet to find something as similar and the only thing that comes to mind is finishing a chocolate doughnut from the local Phillips 66 gas station. Same kind of rush, less fingerprints on everything.

So I'm at a crossroads with Clipstick as the cover for book 3 is ready for display and the book itself is lively being inked to completion. I begin to wonder where the time went and where my future time lies. There is no time. I have an invented theory called "Reciprocal Time Displacement", but after I get some much needed sleep, I'll post for deliberation.



Please feel free to comment and constructively critique the piece as I'm hoping these become conversational upon release. At the Comic-Con I'm planning on having the ladies of the first three books on banners to help promote the book's event.

The images appear slightly darker here so I may need to lighten them for print, but all in all, I hope you're all doing well and let's get a chocolate doughnut sometime.




Jeremy English said...

I like it. Her hair on the right side is a little funky (where it's wispy), but aside from that, nice job. It took me a minute to notice the hands in the bottom—nice. Love the angle.

Paul Linsley said...

Hey Man,
COngrats on finishing issue three! That's awesome! I can't wait to buy them. The cover looks beautiful. It makes me think of that trick John Candy did in "SPLASH" when he threw the coins on the ground and bent down to pick it uop so he could look up women's dresses... Yes, It makes me feel like John Candy.
Great stuff! Can't wait to see you at Comicon!